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Artroplastia / hemiartroplastia de fracturas en 4 partes

Arthroplasty/hemiarthroplasty in 4-part fractures needs very specific requirements in order to be successful. Height, version and tuberosity recontruction are critical. If you as a surgeon do not comply with any of those principles, and on top that, you use a questionable design, your results are doom to failure. Unfortunately, in this case, the only viable …

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lesiones superiores del labrum anterior-posterior (SLAP) son una causa importante de dolor de hombro y discapacidad en los atletas.

Fuente Este artículo es originalmente publicado en:   De: Christopher Camp, MD and Robert Marx, MD   Todos los derechos reservados para: Copyright 2018 JBJS ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. THE CONTENT OF THIS SITE IS INTENDED FOR HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS       Superior labral anterior-posterior (SLAP) injuries are a significant cause of shoulder pain and …

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